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Color and Design

Color and Design I & II
Professor - Kaitlin Botts
University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Final Project - Make a composition using both text and image. 8'x8' cut paper on fabric.

Perspectives and Proportions - Make a cartoon that has ten different prospectives and proportions. 24"x36" acrylic paint.

Imaginary City - Make four different compositions that depict an imaginary city. Each composition must use a different color scheme. 5"x7" gouache on bristol.

Visual Balance - Make three different compositions that depict the weirdest thing you can think of, the weirdest experience you have had, and the most peculiar thing someone has ever said to you. 6"x9" micron pen on bristol.

Shape and Focal Point - Make a composition with a focal point that uses one category of shape, rectilinear in this case, and then make a second composition that has the opposite type of shape. 11"x14" cut paper.

Pattern - Make a collage composition that uses a pattern. 11"x17" photoshop collage.

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